Rob’s last letter to Estelle, 25th June 1916

Rob’s last letter to Estelle, 25th June 1916


My Darling


I have just been treating myself to the luxury of reading some of your letters which I have managed to keep beside me. I do indeed thanks you for them all. You have managed to give me a wonderful, clear picture of your Dutch surroundings, which is exactly what I want. It is a great relief to picture vividly any different life and place – most of all I want to pay you visits when I am feeling weary of everything here. It would have been fairly easy if you had been home, but I always feared that in Holland I should lose sight of you. But you have made me feel quite at home in your camp.


I am afraid there are more difficulties just now in the path of letter writing…..


…..How I crave for a talk with you. Nick, Arthur, Wright and I sat talking through most of a summer night two days ago and for once I have no regrets for not ? early to bed. We tried to trash out our part in the war and the why and wherefore. It is so seldom that the opportunity occurs.


We are some way away from the trenches now living in tents. There is something very joyful in being able to walk about our stretches of grass. It is so hateful being cooped up in the trenches – caught in a ?, it sometimes seems.