Officers Training Corps 1917 NZ Pioneer (Maori) Battalion

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  • I too, believe it may be Queen’s College. 5 OCB was split between a number of the colleges at Cambridge. A Company was housed at Trinity College. A character, Captain Whetu Werohia, from one of my novels (manuscript stage); attended 5 OCB between October 1917 – April 1918. I am visiting both Colleges in January 2014.

    Looking for a copy of a photo of A Coy, 5 OCB from the above-mentioned period, if anyone has any links or access?


    By Brent Kerehona (14/12/2013)
  • It look like Queen’s College Chapel to me. It has small red bricks making it different from many of the other well known buildings. If you search Queen’s College Chapel in “google images” you will find it. The buttresses in the photo are covered in ivy, apart from that, I’m certain this is it.

    By Bill (22/09/2013)
  • Hi

    Many thanks for your input, now approved and on the site.

    Steve Capes
    Project Manager

    By Steve Capes (23/09/2013)

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