Cooper, Edmund. Pte 20511, 11th Battalion Suffolk Regiment. Died 21st May 1920 (Injured July 1st 1916, did not recover). From Chatteris

Edmund Cooper

Private, 20511, 11th Battalion, Suffolk Regiment

Died: 21st May 1920


Edmund was born in 1891 in Woodhurst in Huntingdonshire, the fourth son of George and Martha.  By 1911 Edmund was living in West Street in Chatteris and was a farm labourer, as were his father and brothers.

Edmund joined the 11th Battalion of the Suffolk Regiment, probably enlisting in May or June 1915.

Edmund was one of at least 387 wounded on July 1st 1916.  Newspaper accounts state that he was wounded in three places and sheltered in a shellhole for three days.  The account says that he had eaten part of his uniform due to the intense pain he was in by the time he was found.  He was treated in hospital in France and transferred between at least six hospitals in England and before returning to Chatteris.  Despite being cared for by his sister he died on May 21st and was buried in the Parochial Cemetery in Chatteris.